E komo mai,

Navigating through life can be an adventurous journey.  The vision of Shaka Media is to build upon our local community and culture to promote and support wellness through a focus on education and healthy living.  This website is currently being constructed, so the design and layout of this site will be changed.  If you have any suggestions for content to add, please send an email to

IMG_3148EDecember marks the start of Scholarship Season for the upcoming school year that starts next fall.  Sweeten up your holidays by applying for scholarships.  Start by looking at our Scholarships Page for a listing of scholarships by deadline.

IMG_1065805EsHau’oli Makahiki Hou!  As we celebrate the new year, we’re launching our Fitness page here at Shaka Media to help encourage you to stay motivated this year to malama kou kino (take care of your body).